What’s Inside?

They say a picture tells a thousand words and our screenshots are no exception.
Each game has a large screenshot taken at the beginning of each game to evoke the maximum amount of nostalgia possible. This is followed up with subsequent screenshots giving the reader a broader look at the game. At Screenpedia we understand that a mere image of a game can take you back to your childhood in a flash and because of this we place so much emphasis on them.
Whether you saved up your pocket money or received it as a gift, the first time you held that box was something special. You looked at the screenshots on the back cover and read the backstory hoping it would be a great game that would give you hours of play. Both the front and back cover of each game are shown except in the case where an alternate cover is available which will replace the back cover.
What some of these video game artists did with these small little pixels is simply breath-taking. With limited hardware they created characters we felt for and could almost believe were real. We dedicate a part at  the bottom of each page to showcase these sprites always showing the main sprite and a few others space permitting. For these little guys we often spent hours looking at them and they definitely deserve their place in these books.
Meticulous research has gone into each game to bring you the most up to date information available. Currently there is nowhere available that has the level of detailed information on a chosen systems library in one place as found in these books. Each game has upwards of seventeen fields covering year of release, developer, manufacturer, genre, sub genre, number of players, amount of levels, how the game is scored and many many more. At the core these books are encyclopaedias and as such require the highest and broadest level of information possible.
As beautiful as a game can be, nothing makes up for a good backstory to make you pick up the controller one more time. From the epic and engrossing to down right wacky, backstory’s play an integral part of the experience that lets your imagination run wild. Either from the back of the box or out of the manual each backstory has been included to give added life to each game.
Everybody loves a bit of trivia, facts about a game not documented in the manuals. Whether it be stories about the development or far out marketing strategies and everything in between if it has been documented somewhere its in these books. Also in this section are listed alternate names,  working titles and taglines as well as any stories that go along with them.
Want to know what other systems your favourite game was released well look no further than the ports section of each page. Not only will this show you the other systems the game was released on but also if it was exclusive to this platform only. Now you can hunt out your favourite games on their systems and see if the changes are only graphical ir if whole sections of the game have been changed.
At the back of each book is a breakdown of the game library. These statistics cover such categories as: most and least popular genres, first and last games released, regions with the most and least releases, developer and publisher with the most games, etc…. This section is to get a great snapshot of the software released for the system.
At the very end of each book is the complete games list with interactive tick boxes and if you are viewing the book through Adobe acrobat or another PDF reader that allows you to edit you can add individual scores to games. There are also three additional tick boxes for each game labelled PLAYED, OWN and COMPLETED. Now you can keep a list of your personal collection and accomplishments. Gotta play them all!
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