“Great read, brilliant laid out and a must have for all Amiga gaming fans. Well worth your money.”

Tony / AmigaGuru’s Gamerblog.

“As a pretty hefty contributor to MobyGames and other archives, I had to check this out and support your efforts and hard work – and let me say, bravo! This is really, really awesome and is well worth the $10USD I paid. Really. Job well done. You deserve some serious credit for the work put in and the quality production that came out of it.”


“Had a brief scan trough before getting proper stuck in, very well put together summary, love how you show how much of the CD itself has been utilised, good incentive to check out these games. Very good value for money, well done!”


“I don’t usually go for things like this, but thanks to the low volume of information for systems like the CD32 I snapped this up. I’ve got a steady collection of games for the CD32, and this will be a bonus in selecting what next to get. Unlike most collectors, I’m really uninterested in the Amiga general line (yes I’m a heretic!) and stick to purely console (including the 64GS and the CDTV because flawed logic), so I’d rather tailor it to games with that little bit extra the other versions didn’t. Finding lists of specific CD32 thanks to some compatibility with CDTV games and the occasional CDTV game that hinted at CD32 compatibility, its nice to have a “clean list” of games. I’ve hunted online scans of amiga magazines to work out release dates, and although this only has the year, its still a huge bonus and helps a lot to focus where to look. It’s a nice price (especially with the discount too) so I’ll look forward to what else pops up in the future”.

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