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Being introduced to video games at an early age I have been a gamer ever since. As I got older I found myself searching out those old games from my youth to relive the memories of playing with friends and family, most of which are still around and some who have gone.

I began my journey with the Amiga CD32 and as I searched for these games I began finding other games I had never played and before I knew it what started out as a bit of fun quickly became an obsession to find and play all the games for the system.

I started creating an encyclopaedia for myself of every commercially released game for the Amiga CD32 during it’s life cycle with screenshots, box art, sprites, backstories, trivia and all the game information I could possibly find.

The end result was the most detailed retro gaming digital encyclopaedia for the Amiga CD32 at the time. There are no personal opinions just cold hard facts on every game to give the reader the best overview of a game with out actually playing it.

But that was just the beginning their are many more systems out there and many more Screenpedia’s to come!

Duncan Gedge

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